Rate Schedule:

We charge a flat per pound rate to prepare, destroy and dispose of paper records along with a pick-up fee which includes one hour of labor to retrieve and load records to our transport vehicle. In instances where additional labor is required for record removal, an additional labor charge may apply. A minimum charge applies.

In Area businesses reside in Cody, Powell and Lovell. Out of Area businesses reside in areas in or around Greybull, Basin, Worland, Thermopolis and Meeteetse.

   In area pickup fee
: $50 ($199.99 minimum)
   Out of area pickup fee: $120 ($299,99 minimum)
   Flat Rate: Prep/Destroy/Disposal: .36¢ per pound
   Additional labor rate: $55 per hour
   Box return fee: $50 +$2 per box

Planning For A Purge:

Not only is an annual or one-time purge time consuming and rigorous when done on the typical office shredder; what will you do with all that shredded paper waste?

Did you know that the typical strip shred machines found in offices throughout the nation allows shredded paper waste to be reconstructed? Further, much of that paper waste is carelessly discarded in the dumpster where it is readily and legal available to anyone. Don’t Risk It!

Let us handle the details for you. We will pick your materials up from your office or storage location and securely transport them to our facility for destruction. We will even remove paper clips, staples and other fasteners for you at no additional charge. We can return your boxes to you or recycle them.

When planning for a purge, our estimated destructions costs are derived by knowing the average weight of the typical storage box sizes.

Typical Letter Sized Storage Box
12” x 15”
Weighs approximately 35 pounds when full

Typical Legal Sized Box
15” x 24”
Weighs approximately 50 pounds when full

Examples of records to be destroyed include:

• Legal Documents
• Medical Records
• X-Rays
• Financial Statements
• Profit & Loss Statements
• Accounting Files/Records
• Organization Charts
• Personnel Files
• Payroll Records Audits/Survey's
• Market Research
• Bank Statements
• Tax Records
• Contracts
• Client Lists/Files
• Receipts/Invoices Price/Inventory Lists
• Proposals and Quotes
• Canceled Checks
• Business Plans
• Presentations
• Computer Reports
• Credit Card Numbers
• New Product Information
• Executive Correspondence
• Obsolete Brochures/Stationery/Files