Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What do I have to do to prepare documents for destruction?

A. Nothing more than deposit paper documents into the secure bin(s) located in your office. There is no need to remove paper clips, fasteners, rubber bands, stapes or other binders.

Q. What materials can I deposit into bins?

A. We accept all types of office paper, sticky notes, index cards, carbon/NCR forms and x-rays.

Q. How do I know that my documents and sensitive information have been completely destroyed?

A. We provide a Certificate of Destruction detailing what and the manner in which records are destroyed.

Q. How secure are my records during transport to your facility?

A. Our security measures ensure your information remains safe. All bins remain locked until they arrive at our facility and are locked until the contents are destroyed. Our transport vehicles are kept locked and secure and the driver does not carry a key.

Q. What does it cost to use information destruction services?

A. Our fee schedule is competitive and designed to save you money as well as time. With our flat rate for regular monthly bin service, we bill by invoice and do not charge for use of our bins or consoles.

Q. What if I need one-time service for an office clean out, will you provide a bin?

A. Yes. We can supply your office with a secure bin to collect paper during your office clean out project. We can also remove boxed materials as well.

Q. We are planning a purge, can we reuse our boxes?

A. Yes, for a small fee we can return them for you.

Q. What types of electronic data do you destroy?

A. Backup tapes, magnetic tapes, VHS tapes, credit cards, debit cards, floppy disks, hard drives, CD's, DVDs, Blu-Rays, microfiche, microfilm, x-rays, film negatives.

Q. What is your service area?

A. We are a Wyoming company servicing businesses in and around Cody, Powell, Lovell, Greybull, Basin, Worland, Thermopolis and Meeteetse.