What To Destroy:

Customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, correspondence and misprinted documents contain information about business activity that would interest any competitor. Your clients and employees entrust you with information that must be kept private.

Any entity that discards private consumer information without the safeguard of destruction is liable for criminal and civil prosecution, as well as the costly loss of customers and productivity.

Using a document destruction service is a cost effective and practical option to support your organization’s commitment to regulatory compliance and safeguarding the information in your possession.

Examples of records to be destroyed include:

• Legal Documents
• Medical Records
• X-Rays
• Financial Statements
• Profit & Loss Statements
• Accounting Files/Records
• Organization Charts
• Personnel Files
• Payroll Records Audits/Survey's
• Market Research
• Bank Statements
• Tax Records
• Contracts
• Client Lists/Files
• Receipts/Invoices Price/Inventory Lists
• Proposals and Quotes
• Canceled Checks
• Business Plans
• Presentations
• Computer Reports
• Credit Card Numbers
• New Product Information
• Executive Correspondence
• Obsolete Brochures/Stationery/Files