Every business and organization, regardless of size, bares the responsibility of protecting sensitive and confidential information. Customer information, payroll data as well as proprietary information and other business records must be protected.

Recent additions to federal privacy legislation affect every sector of business. The need for a comprehensive record destruction program is more important today than ever before. Ineffective destruction and careless disposal exposes your organization to privacy law liability.

With our Information Destruction Services, you will protect your organization and your clients by securely and completely destroying all sensitive and confidential data in a timely manner without taking time away from your business.

With our free collection bins and consoles, your staff will simply place the material in and forget it. You receive the benefit of ensuring all materials are promptly destroyed and more importantly, you have no loss of productivity from your staff.

• Ensure compliance with legislation, regulation and policy
• Increase security and efficiency
• Limit access of non-essential personnel to information
• Prevent security breaches
• Prevent identity theft
• Safeguard client and employee privacy
• Safeguard proprietary information
• Cost and space savings